Sunday, April 20, 2014

How I Quit Smoking

I am a smoker with a long tobacco consumption history of 30 years non-stop. I always enjoyed smoking physically and emotionally. But something triggered my subconscious mind to start this blog about 3.5 years ago. I have to admit that I never tried quitting smoking, and I never even considered this step, or made any resolutions of quitting. And, one day that happened.

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How that happened?

I got sick with some kind of infection, somewhere between flu and pneumonia, and being down with fever and sever coughing, I stopped smoking because the mere idea of smoke getting in my lungs in such physical state of health became unbearable.

I got better after targeted prescribed antibiotic treatment, and I noticed that I do not have physiological need to tobacco anymore. That was strange and I still do not have any explanation, why that happened and what are the internal reasons for the sudden change of interests. My general health state is quite good, and there was nothing from this direction to trigger such decision. It just happened.

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My feelings

I miss smoking on behavioral level a lot. When I finish particular tasks at my computer, I think automatically that the time for gratification came, and I can go out for smoke. And I leave my computer and make several rounds in the room, before getting back. Sometimes, I do several exercises to ease the urge. And no, as said, I do not have any type of physical addiction withdrawal symptoms, as I would expect from after quitting to use the most addictive drug on the Earth.

I know that not every quitter is as lucky as I am, however.

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My senses

Even reading and writing about smoking effects, I have admit that I was not prepared fully to the changes I experience with my senses. First, it is world of smells. I never knew that there are so many unpleasant (and pleasant, too, but mostly, unpleasant) smells around. My olfaction ability has multiplied several times during the second week of not smoking.

The similar change occurred with my sense of tastes. I never knew how some tastes are rich and powerful; especially taste of wine and chocolate. Many treats I liked before, seem now to sweet, thou the change in taste is not so powerful that change in smells perception.

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My backup

I do not take chances and I carry electronic cigarette with low-nicotine capsule in case I will have unbearable urge to smoke, but so far it was never used and is considered as emergency backup plan.

My plans

As of today, I am not smoking for 3 weeks, and I plan to stay out of it, while not making any obligations or promises to myself, or my family. Ideally, I would be happy if I could be social smoker, keeping company during the parties, or social events. However, for now, I prefer to secure my success and ensure there is not residual dependency, before I take my next cigarette.  

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  1. Focusing on those baby steps will eventually lead you to a tobacco-free life. It's nice to read that you have set plans to deal with your smoking-related issues. I hope you'll be able to continue your journey against smoking. And if you ever find yourself in a pinch, just remember the progress you've made and how important your family is to you. Have a great day, Michael! Keep up with the updates, will you?

    Donnie Benson @ Midwest Institute for Addiction

  2. I too like this article, the way you determines the reasons and clarifying footsteps to stay away from smoking is simply splendid. Smoking is renowned as sleeping poison. With the passage of time you may feel too much troubles and problems if you don't stop smoking. One of my friends successfully able to manage to recover from this by simply listening to quit smoking mp3 audio tracks online.

  3. Nicotine is an extremely addictive substance and whenever someone suddenly stops cigarette smoking, they can experience hard withdrawal symptoms. By utilizing cartridges the main ingredient of electronic cigarette that have different nicotine strengths, the organic dependency on nicotine is actually reduced. Thank you for this nice article!!


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