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French Inhale (Irish Waterfall): Smoking Tricks

The French Inhale, also known as the Irish Waterfall, is one of the most popular basic smoking tricks in which a dense cloud of smoke leaves your mouth and rises up into your nose, generating a kind of upside down waterfall image. This produces a strong "hit" while impressing those watching. It is also pretty easy to learn in just few steps.

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  1. Take a drag without inhaling. This is the foundation of the trick. Keep the smoke in your mouth and out of your lungs by dropping your jaw and pulling your tongue to the back of your mouth. Some people like to move the smoke around from cheek to cheek or just expand their cheeks before moving to the next step.
  2. Open your mouth. You're going to want to do this slowly. If you open quickly, you tend to push out all the smoke at once. Part your lips slightly, and push your bottom lip out like you're going to blow the bangs off your forehead. This angles the smoke toward your nose.
  3. Push the smoke out with your tongue. To keep the smoke thick or "looking good," push your tongue forward from the back of your mouth. This will make the smoke exit your mouth in a thick cloud.
  4. Inhale through your nose. Inhaling the smoke should not be sudden or hard, but slow and calm. Once all the smoke is in your lungs, exhale as usual.

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  • The key to this trick is making sure the rate in which you are pushing the smoke out of your mouth is equal to the rate in which you are inhaling through your nose.
  • When releasing the smoke, let the bottom half of your mouth hang as low as possible in order to better aim the smoke into your nose.
  • Exhaling through your nose before opening your mouth helps the trick go more smoothly.
  • When attempting this trick do not push the smoke out of your mouth too quickly or else it will kill the whole effect. The thicker the smoke the better!
  • This trick works best indoors, away from wind and drafts.
  • Inhaling a lot of smoke at once, as with bongs or hookahs, isn't a good basis for the trip. Pipes, cigars, blunts, cigarettes work best.

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  • The intensity of the smoke might cause you to cough when you're first learning the trick, or if you're a beginner smoker.
  • Don't try the trick in public until you've mastered it in private.

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