Monday, July 30, 2012

Harry's Quit Counter

A pack-a-day software designer from Patras, Greece, one day went "cold turkey" claiming freedom from nicotine. Based on his personal experience he unveiled his own meter to help everybody, who smokes tobacco around, to quit.

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Graphically themed upon the milestone clubs of WhyQuit's Freedom from Tobacco (a forum dedicated exclusively to the art and science of abrupt nicotine cessation), aside from just helping you celebrate all major milestones, users are awarded Green status at one month, their quits are "Bronzed" at 3 months, turn Silver at midyear, and are awarded Gold status at one year.

In addition to tracking standard features such as time quit, cigarettes not smoked, and money and life saved, Harry's meter offers the unique ability to not only track the quit statistics of others (friends, family and online favorites) but also to easily copy their latest statistics to your computer's clipboard (as well as your own) for quick pasting in message board posts and e-mails.

With one click you'll see all the latest milestones of each quitter entered and with another click you can send them an e-mail of "support." Yes, at last, a meter design to not only foster and celebrate your own achievement, but to interactively support and encouragement the continuing success of those around you!

All texts and milestones can be customized for your personal needs.

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Reviewed by: WhyQuit.

Cost: Freeware

No spyware, adware, or viruses. 

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