Wednesday, December 25, 2013

KickSmoking – Free App for Windows Phone

The free version of KickSmoking is ad supported, so if you do not want ads or want to support further development, you have an option to purchase KickSmoking Pro.

As you may already notice, it is quite complicated for long-term smoker to kick the habit, so this application will be a smart and efficient virtual assistant on your way.

This app is designed to help you resist cravings and to offer encouragement by keeping a track of the health benefits you have unlocked. It has built-in craving timer which is accessible as pinned tile. This timer helps take your mind off the craving by giving you an end goal to focus on instead.

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Main features:

*Record the amount of time that you've been smoke free
*Record how much money you've saved
*Record the number of cigarettes avoided
*Record the number of cravings resisted
*Pinnable craving timer
*Live Tiles surface key metrics, updated every 30mins.
*See what health benefits you should have experienced
*View a timeline of expected health benefits

Please remember that this is only a tool to help you quit smoking by keeping you motivated and does not replace medical advice.


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  1. Great application but what you think it really works??
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    1. It depends on what you expect from it. If you are absolutely positive you need and you want to quite, it will help you to be strong to survive the cravings, the same way as other quit smoking resources.


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