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How Smoking May Affect your Dating Pool?

Dated a smoker once in college, although I was allergic. Made a vow to never date another smoker ever again after that. As other people mentioned, it was like kissing an ashtray, albeit sometimes a gum-scented ashtray.

Increased sensitivity to smoke of any kind over the years has only strengthened that vow of mine. Nowadays if I smell cigarette smoke for even five minutes my nose gets clogged up and my throat gets irritated and I wake up sounding like I have a frog in my throat. Exposure for more than 10 min and I start coughing and my eyes start watering and my nose starts running--and it says like that for the rest of the night and well into the morning, even if I remove myself from the smoky situation.

I inherited my mom's allergies. I suppose in some ways it's a blessing in disguise.

From Message board

The negative health implications of using tobacco products are widely known. However, the cigarette smoking can create unforeseeable obstacles in your daily life as well. One of the possible negative implications for smokers is potential decrease of the date partners’ choice, the factor frequently disregarded. However, for you it may become a deal breaker. If your love does not stand cigarette smoke and cigarette taste, you may be rejected in spite of all your positive traits and virtues.

While cigarettes appear less and less on the movie screens due to the strong anti-tobacco campaign, cigarettes are still rarely used in films as a display of distasteful behavior. On the contrary, exciting moments between beautiful main heroes are often accented with the stereotypical post-coitus cigarette or an initial flirtation arising by asking for a light. In reality, cigarettes can be anything but appealing for a potential date that doesn’t share the habit, and can even be considered a deal stopper.

I have been dating this guy for bit now, but I'm having some major problems. I am very allergic to tobacco and the smoke, and he's a smoker. He's a great guy, and he's very very considerate of my allergies… but when we kiss and such, my throat is soar the next day and I feel like getting over an allergic reaction (From Message Board).

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A 2009 poll from Glamour Magazine’s Single-ish Daily Dating Blog asked the question, “Would you date a smoker?” Out of 1,236 votes, 53.48% of the votes said they would not date a smoker. Here you are, if you are the smoker you have 50% lower chance to find your love. Definitely, you do not need to date all 1,000 people no matter what, but still, you have to admit that some of the potential candidates are out of touch as preexisting condition.

Although health awareness could be one reason, a much more likely explanation could simply be the smell that sticks to a smoker’s breath, hair, and clothes. You may get a gum, or you may brush your teeth after every smoke break, but what can you do with the clothes? You cannot change the set after every cigarette.

Date a smoker. I could. But the smell bothers me too much that a long term relationship would be practically impossible. Life is difficult enough to deal with (From Message Board).

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“I wish I could chalk it up to health concerns, but the smell is what really gets me,” said Glamour’s Ryan Dodge in the article he authored featuring the aforementioned poll. “And have you ever kissed a smoker? It’s pretty gnarly.”

Smokers acclimate to the smell rather quickly and can even find it charming. Smoking also diminishes one’s sense of taste and smell which can reduce its sharpness. Nonsmokers, however, often find the smell and taste disgusting and may even have sensitivities and allergies to smoke which make them unable to be around the habit.

According to the Quit Smoking Zone, “The presence of many harmful chemicals in the cigarette like nicotine and tar are the main culprit behind halitosis. They actually get accumulated in the mouth of a smoker and give way to bad smell.” Even attempts at masking the odor of cigarettes such as perfumes, mints, toothpastes and mouthwashes cannot fully eliminate the smell—only quitting will do so.

I'm allergic to ciggie smoke; a result of overexposure over so many years. I was married to a smoker. Under no circumstances will I date a smoker. I have no objection to someone smoking. Just don't do it in my air space! (From Message Board).

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Another British study found that "three-quarters of people aged 18 to 24 said they would not kiss someone who had just smoked. And half the 1,700 people surveyed for the Department of Health said they would think twice about starting a serious relationship with a smoker."

Online dating sites also agree. "The relationship website eHarmony.com says 81 percent of its members state they would not partner with a heavy smoker. At Match.com 72 percent of male members and 73 percent of female members said they wanted a non-smoking partner and at mysinglefriend.com over 67 percent of respondents said smoking would put them off dating someone."

So, think about this heavy evidence that smoking might be a substantial obstacle in finding true love. May be this reasoning will cause you to consider dropping a bad habit?

I hated being born into a world where people were allowed to assault everyone around them with smoke. If you were to go out in public and spray sticky carcinogenic smelly substance on every passerby or as in the past in the faces of people eating in a fine restaurant you might not be free of arrest for very long! I left home as soon as I could because my parents smoked, knew I hated it but would not even wait until the end of a meal… I left home without any fat on my bones since I could not finish a meal without feeling sick. Smoking like sex should be a private thing and no walking the streets in clothes stinking of it either! By now you may have guessed I would not go near a glamorous billionaire smoker except with a gun (From Message Board).

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Dating Sites for Smokers

Well, you got the picture, but you are not ready to quit, or you just cannot quit. There are several online dating sites, which are devoted exclusively for tobacco smokers. Here you can meet other singles who also enjoy smoking:
  • Smoking Passion (http://www.smokingpassions.com) - a 100% free online dating and social networking site specifically for singles who love smoking.
  • Dating for Smokers (http://www.datingforsmokers.com) - website dedicated 100% to help smoking singles find their true love.
  • Smoking Lovers (http://smoking-lovers.com) – website, where you can meet others who are smokers, who want to meet smokers, romanticize smoking or engage in smoking fetishism. Whether you are a social smoker, enjoy a cigarette after a fantastic meal, or have been smoking for years, Smoking Lovers is the place for you to find someone you feel totally comfortable with.

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