Monday, June 29, 2015

10 Thoughts on Why Smoking Cigarettes is Good!

I quit smoking about year-and-a-half ago, but I still miss the social attributes of cigarette smoking. No, I am not coming back to the nicotine addiction, because I value my freedom from nicotine really high, but I know, that something I will miss there forever… something important, which never-smoker will be not be able to understand and appreciate.

Thus, even for me personally the question “quit or not” is not an open question anymore, I still try to provide leveraged overview of all pros and cons to help people who would like to quit, but are aggregated by the stupid and mostly annoying anti-smoking official propaganda.

This post, found on Reddit social network, presented by Radioactive24, describes the thoughts on why author keep smoking regardless of understanding it harmful effect.

1.       I met the majority of my friends in college by seeing who was outside at 2 o'clock in the morning having a cigarette between writing papers or fits of insomnia. I had more philosophical discussions and meaningful life talks on those benches than I have had in any counseling sessions.
2.       If you are not willing to even give me the time of day because I have a pinch of dried leaves rolled into a tiny cylinder of paper and lit on fire between my fingers, and that is your only reason to not talk to me, then thank you for removing yourself from the equation and not wasting my time.
3.       There is something Zen and meditative about sitting down with a bag of tobacco and rolling your own cigarettes. The mechanical muscle memory of making something relieves you of having to focus on other things.
4.       Almost everything seems better with a cigarette. Long drives in the car. Pulling an all-nighter. Coffee. Sex. Taking a poop. The only thing I can think of that it makes worse is a stuffy nose and a sore throat from a cold, and god dammit if I just do not soldier through that.
5.       When she said "I love you too, but I can't think of you that way" after one and half months of having quit smoking, the following two days of snorting Vicodin and drinking myself into a stupor made going out to buy a pack of cigarettes a much wiser choice.
6.       As an introvert, I am overwhelmed by crowds. The irony of "stepping outside to get fresh air" gives me a temporary eject button that allows me to regain my composure and have space to breathe.
7.       We made a deal; I'd smoke less if you'd drink less. I'm back up to a pack a day and you continue to get black out drunk on the weekends, but you broke your end of the deal first, so I guess we'll see who fares better in the end.
8.       There's something beautiful about the way that smoke curls through the air, interacts with sunlight, and vanishes like it never existed. It really makes me want to capture it in a photograph or draw it on a pad of paper.
9.       As far as addictions go, smoking cigarettes is probably the least harmful one that I have.
10.   Friendships will come and go. Relationships will start and end. People are born and then we die. But I can always go to a gas station and buy a new pack of cigarettes.

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