Monday, January 26, 2015

The Perfect Cigarette Is Happening Tonight

The Perfect Cigarette Is Happening Tonight

Author: Julianna Denmark

The perfect cigarette is happening tonight,
So decadent, so forbidden, so succulent,
Taking my breath away with each glowing cherry.
There's something phallic about this sexy moment:
Pulling on the filter tip with my juicy lips,
Letting the creamy smoke flow, taking it all in,
Deep into my darkened lungs. It's been there before
Many, many times when I've needed a release
Akin to the dancing snap inhale in my mouth.
I can feel it beckon me to ride the night air
As I stand here, staring off into the distance,
Waiting to exhale my sweet sin, slowly, gently,
Upwards, where the stars command me for another.
I gladly oblige; after all, it's my pleasure
To suck in another deep drag, and another,
Again and again until the nicotine rush
Consumes me, kills me, brings me to life. The danger!
Yes, the danger! At this moment, I hardly care.
When this cigarette is history, I'll light up more,
Reducing each long tobacco tube to ashes
Until I've found my nirvana for the moment,
That forbidden moment when my lungs scream, "Yes, more!"
I'll keep on until I've found the magic potion.
Make no mistake -- I'll do what's wrong till it feels right.
The perfect cigarette is happening tonight.

Author Notes:
The intoxication, the anticipation -- the perfect cigarette is the death I live for.

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