Wednesday, February 29, 2012

StopSmoking - free Android app by Konrad Mueller

If you are still an active smoker and you are seriously considering dropping the dangerous habit completely, you can get assistance from your Android-based smart phone. StopSmoking is solidly built Android app for mobile devices, developed by Konrad Mueller, Germany, in cooperation with specialists from the Roman Mueller Open Source Experts group.

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App will offer you numerous "motivational texts" to help you withstand the tobacco addiction, as well as useful statistical information about your smoking habit.

These are the key features of the app:
  • Motivational texts, they should help you to quit.
  • Possibility to enter each smoked cigarette in the database.
  • Statistics that show your tobacco usage and your SAVED money:
    • Statistics: "Not smoked for... days".
    • Statistics: "Number of smoked cigarettes".
    • Statistics: "Saved amount of money so far".

This application is free.
But it is also available as a premium version. The premium version has some additional features and extended functionality.
These are:
  • No ads
  • Even more motivational texts
  • Home Screen Widget (optional) for your statistics "at a glance".

Cost of the Stop Smoking Premium - $4.27


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Rating: 3.9 of 5 (from 780 reviews).

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