Monday, January 28, 2013

Cigarette Pack Warnings

Graphic images of lung tumors and bloody, diseased gums emblazoned on Canadian cigarette packs have made smokers more likely to try to quit, said a government-funded study released in 2002.

"It's clear that the warnings work, and one result will be improved health for many Canadians," said Ken Kyle, director of public issues for the Canadian Cancer Society.

The shocking images have been mandatory in Canada since 2001. One picture shows a brain after a stroke, another is of a damaged heart, and a third shows a limp, dangling cigarette -- illustrating the role that smoking plays in impotence.

The study, conducted for the Canadian Cancer Society in the fall of 2001, covered 2,031 participants, 633 of them smokers. Almost half the smokers said the warnings had increased their motivation to quit, while more than a third of smokers who tried to quit in 2001 said the labels had been a factor. About a fifth of smokers in the study said the pictures had at least once curbed their urge to light up, while 25 percent of smokers said they covered the package with a sleeve so they couldn't see the picture.

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But there is more. Recent Canadian government research has shown that cigarette smoking not only impairs sexual ability, it actually causes shrinkage of the male sexual “equipment.


If that is true, we need to get the word out ASAP!

Maybe the warning on the cigarette packs should be updated to reflect this new information.

How about something like this: * Warning: These cigarettes are king size how about you?

* Warning: Smoking sections in restaurants aren't the only things getting smaller.

* Warning: If you don't reduce your smoking, your smoking will reduce you.

* Warning: Smoking may lead to ridicule on your honeymoon.

* Warning: Smoke rises, but you may not.

* Warning: Second-hand smoke can be harmful to children That is.. if you're capable of conceiving any.

* Warning: Cigarettes get shorter the more you puff so do you.

* Warning: How can you enjoy a smoke afterwards, if there's no before?

* Warning: The only thing left after a smoke is a dead stub.

* Warning: Warning: Don't throw lit cigarettes in the urinal you might not have the range to put them out.

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Note that impact of smoking on male sexual organ size is a joke, do not take it seriously. Still, the sad fact is that smoking may indeed significantly affect sperm quality. Men who smoke can have a lower sperm count, less sperm motility (swimming capability) abnormal sperm morphology (shape) and reduction of the sperm lifespan! Smoking can stop the adhesion of the sperm to the egg which is essential for fertilization to take place. The amount of semen volume (fluid containing the sperm) can also show a decrease.

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  1. Is this for real?, all the images shown above are disgusting, it is true that smoking can lead you to all these problems but putting graphical content on cigarette packaging isn't the only solution.

  2. Hi Tatiana,

    Yes, these are the real images, and the placement of the terrifying pics is mandatory by the government regulations. Smoking is bad for the health. However, the war with smokers became very political and involve now too much of money to remain purely scientific. Similar to the war with Global Warming, which appeared to be an ultimate nonsense.

  3. I don't think this idea can stop people from buying cigarettes, as a smoker i will get my brand no matter in what kind of packaging it is available.

  4. Hi Gavin,
    Yes, these pictures by themselves will not be sufficient to scare smokers to death, pushing them to quitting decision. However, it is one more drop in the stream of restrictions and warnings. Combined with other numerous factors, it may lead to the eventual outcomes.

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