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How to Quit Smoking with Reiki?

Smoking is a bad habit extremely difficult to eradicate, quitting smoking can be very difficult because the smoke over to show us in a physical dependence on a substance (nicotine) carries with it implications to the deeper layers of our being.

From at the holistic point of view this bad habit has deep roots in our cellular memories, it is an addiction rooted in us often tied to our personal history and the past, and often not enough to recognize ‘that smoking is bad’ to quit smoking .

Stop smoking feel strong in us the desire to smoke and more likely this bad habit is the direct result of loose knots in us, leading us to repeat incessantly, sometimes compulsively, the same gestures, and the same ritual. Most of these acts were part of us forever, we cannot conceive of a life without smoking, because smoking and we are now the same thing.

Therefore, the smoke accompanies us in every moment of our life, the beautiful moments are celebrated with a deep breath, as well as the bad times, when we are under stress, smoking seems to give us the confidence that we try to move forward.

But, this is an illusion of the mind: the mind is reluctant to change, makes us believe that smokeless beautiful moments will be less beautiful and ugly moments will be more difficult to deal with.

Why quitting smoking is so difficult?

Quitting smoking is difficult because our mind is opposed to the change. The mind is afraid of changing because it is so accustomed to the rites to be seen in the rites of the same points of reference with respect to their patterns.

Remember very important statement of the holistic psychology, that we are not our mind.  The mind is only a tool, and identify with it often leads us to follow the bad habits.

Quitting smoking means to regain control of our mind and liberate your mind and body from a bad habit that has deep roots.

How Reiki Helps?

There are hundreds of people who quit smoking after learning Reiki. You may ask, “How does Reiki help in quitting smoking?”

Well, Reiki Energy Healing increases the body’s vitality and health and helps it to cleanse itself from harmful toxins. This is important for anyone who wants to stop smoking, because the faster and the more thorough the detox of nicotine from the system, the faster the body can overcome withdrawal symptoms.

Many ex-smokers feel that Reiki helps them to deal better with stress and that therefore the need for cigarettes decreases.  Others find that Reiki helps them become more sensitive to their body’s true needs and that smoking no longer fits in with this new level of awareness.

So, brief list of the reasons Reiki is helpful to quit smoking and withstand withdrawal syndrome are the following:
* Reiki balances your energy field
* Strengthens your immune system
* Enhances your body's ability to heal itself
* Relaxes your mind and body
* Eliminates stress and much more

There were even some cases, when people stop smoking spontaneously, after a few days or weeks of Reiki practice. Although this is not the case with everyone, the people who do drop the smoking habit do so naturally, as they just don't feel the need to smoke. They feel so calm, cool and clear in their mind that smoking does not interest them as much as it did in the past. They do not experience the withdrawal symptoms either. Reiki gives them inner strength and it seems as though you are no longer addicted to smoking. It is something that happens to them rather than any effort from their end to quit smoking.

If someone wants to take the benefits of Reiki practice to quit smoking, here is some recommendation:
* Learn Reiki for your all round development not just to quit smoking.
* Practice Reiki daily morning and evening
* Take Reiki Healing from an experienced Reiki Practitioner / Master
* Introduce Reiki in your family and friend circle and let your environment support you.

Do not limit the use of Reiki to quit smoking alone. Reiki can help you in your personal growth. Reiki can heal your body, mind and spirit. Reiki can bring many unexpected benefits that you cannot think of at present.

Recommendations for Practitioner

* Before beginning the treatment, be sure you understand exactly what addiction the person wishes to heal and the specific ways in which he or she desires to approach the healing. To make the treatment most effective, get the basic understanding what are the main motivation for the person to quit smoking now, and what are the accompanying circumstances for making such important decision.
* Together with individual, formulate few positive goal statements and affirmations that are meaningful to him or her to accomplish the purpose. The goals should be as concrete as possible, and should include realistic dates for completion. The affirmations must be acceptable for the conscious mind but also worded positively for the subconscious mind. Be sure to have the goal statements and affirmations you will be using memorized or they should be written on paper easily available for use at the session.
* Ask the person to lie down on a massage table and proceed with standard Reiki session as you normally do.
* When the time feels right, invoke the power symbol Cho Ku Rei (CKR) over the person’s head and silently repeat its name three times to bring full power.

* Place your left hand under the recipient’s head with your fingertips at the base of the skull. Than draw Sei Hei Ki (SHK) over the crown chakra and third eye areas and silently say the name of the symbol three times.

* Place your right head across the forehead of the person, with the tips of your fingers pointed towards his or her left ear and the base of the palm towards the right ear. With clear intention, call the recipient’s name in your mind three times, and then repeat the goal statements and affirmations silently or aloud. It is preferable to pronounce these statements clearly aloud, since that allows the client to listen to them in the open state of mind during the Reiki session, and helps to reinforce the message for potential healing. Sometimes, you may be even asking customer to repeat the affirmations and goal statements aloud to involve customer more in the self-healing process.
* Continue holding the position silently until the process feels complete. That can be as short as two or three minutes, or as long as fifteen or more minutes.  Then say “Amen” or any other appropriate word or phrase to conclude the treatment.
* Continue with the regular Reiki session until it is completed.
* At the end of the session, give the person a copy of the goal statements and affirmations and suggest repeating them between the sessions to reinforce the statement and make the healing process more efficient.

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